Why Vibe?

Vibe defies the traditional market research consultancy.

Our extensive experience in running insight programmes across a range of New Zealand corporates and SMEs has shown us that many businesses face similar challenges and it doesn’t take big corporate budgets to understand your customers’ needs.

Our specifically designed solutions provide insights and recommendations based on challenges faced by many businesses.  As a result, we deliver quickly, efficiently and at an accessible cost.

Our quality solutions and team of experts bring a high level of customer insight expertise at a price that is affordable for the New Zealand business market.

If you’re struggling to find the time, the budget or expertise on how best to get feedback from your customers, we are here to help.


EASY - we do everything for you

We have a process where our team of experts do everything for you. All we need from you is to tell us what you want from selecting one of our solutions and we take it from there. One of the team will provide personalised service to make sure we deliver what you need.


FAST - our 10-day promise

Speed is key when running a business. Our solutions provide real time reporting as feedback comes in and insights & recommendations delivered 10 days after approval.


AFFORDABLE - we’ve made insights affordable

Our solutions are designed in a way that we deliver quality insights and recommendations without the need of a large corporate budget.


INDEPENDENT - your customers deserve to be 100% honest

Let’s be honest. Most people are too polite to tell you what they really think to your face. Having an independent, trusted third party provider to manage your customer feedback mechanism is vital to obtaining accurate, honest, and useful feedback.


EXPERTS - we know exactly what questions to ask & how

Asking the right questions is paramount if you’re wanting accurate and honest feedback from your customers. We have specifically designed solutions that provide actionable recommendations based on the business problem that you have.


ACTIONABLE - we provide actionable recommendations, not just data

Our team analyses your customers’ feedback and provides consultancy and recommendations on what actions and steps you can take to improve your business. We also provide cross industry learnings and benchmarking due to the vast number of studies that we conduct throughout New Zealand.