Features Overview

We provide a solution that enables your customers an easy way to give feedback, you with immediate access to their responses and using our expertise in customer insight & strategy, actionable analysis and recommendations that can help you take action to improve your business.


Short surveys that your customers will find easy

Like your customer service, asking for feedback is another experience that you’re creating for your customers. Poorly built surveys with poorly worded questions will reflect negatively on your brand. We build smart looking surveys with concise and effective questions, and incorporate your branding so your customers have a positive experience with your brand.

People no longer attempt 10-minute surveys. The most effective feedback system is a 4-5 question survey that your customers won’t mind investing their time in. We build surveys for multiple devices, and we can do it in a way that your customers will find easy to provide feedback and ideas.

Real time feedback that you can followup and turn negative experiences into a positive

You will receive a website link to a live report where you can view your customers’ feedback as they come in. This provides quick access to your customers ideas from day one.

We can also set up triggers so that any negative feedback from customers who want their feedback passed on, can be automatically sent to you to followup immediately. Your feedback programme can drive operational improvements quickly.



Expert Vibe summary & recommendations

Our team of experts will analyse your feedback and ideas and provide a summary and recommendations on activity to improve your business. Common challenges that we provide answers and recommendations to include:

  • How loyal are my customers, what drives their level of loyalty and what can I do to improve?

  • What are my customers pain points and what improvements are they wanting?

  • What do my customers want in the future?

  • What are my business strengths to promote and win new customers?

  • How do I perform across different parts of my business and how does that track over time?