Customer Vibe

Understanding the vibe of your customers is vital in today's competitive environment.  Identifying their pain points and leveraging your strengths will build a more loyal customer base and enable you to attract more customers.

Knowing the vibe of your customers will help you reduce ongoing customer hassles and ultimately, save you time and money.

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How loyal are our customers and what can we do to improve loyalty?

Customer Vibe will segment your customer base and priority groups and provide insights into how to drive engagement & loyalty for each.

  • How engaged are our customers and why do they feel that way?

  • How many of our customers can be segmented as fans, not engaged and at risk?

  • How does our business compare to other New Zealand businesses & industries?

  • What improvements can we make to increase our customers’ engagement & loyalty?

  • How does engagement and levers to improve differ between our key customer groups?


What areas can we improve and what are our strengths to promote?

Customer Vibe will give you quantitative findings and detailed customer comments on the following:

  • What do our customers perceive as our weaknesses?

  • What do our customers feel are our competitive strengths?

  • What improvements they would like to see?


How do we perform across various aspects of our service delivery?

Customer Vibe will enable you to measure and track performance of key indicators such as:

  • Customer Service

  • Value for Money

  • Communication

  • Brand