School Vibe

Understanding the vibe of your students, parents/ caregivers, staff & community can provide guidance into your overall strategic direction and annual planning process. School Vibe can also help you track the performance of your ERO initiatives and give insight & evidence of self-evaluation in preparation for the ERO review process.

Knowing the vibe of your students & community will help you increase the experience & culture at your school and ultimately, improve student engagement & success.


How engaged is our community (students, parents/ caregivers, staff & community members) and what can we do to improve engagement?

School Vibe will segment your community groups and provide insights into how to drive engagement for each.

  • How engaged are our community groups and why do they feel that way?

  • How do we compare against other schools & industry norms?

  • What improvements can we make to increase our engagement & school culture?


What are my stakeholders views on some key ERO review criteria?

School Vibe will provide evidence of self-evaluation and enable you to answer the following mandated questions for your ERO review:

  • What do we do particularly well to support student learning?

  • What challenges do we face in supporting children’s learning and wellbeing?

  • Specific feedback from priority groups (diversity, Maori, Pacific, etc) – a key mandated ERO requirement


How do we perform across various aspects of our service delivery?

School Vibe will enable you to measure and track performance of key indicators such as:

  • Quality of teaching

  • Learning approach & philosophy

  • Administration & enrolment process

  • Communication

  • Culture