Because the right culture leads to student success

Understand the vibe of your school community to guide your school’s strategic direction and annual planning process, track performance of your ERO initiatives and give evidence of self-evaluation in preparation for ERO reviews.

Vibe provides real time insight into the culture at your school helping you improve student engagement & success.


What you can find out


Community Engagement

Gain insights to drive engagement across all groups in your school community

  • How your different community groups feel about your school

  • Why they feel that way

  • How that compares to other schools

  • Ideas for improvement

ERO Reviews

Understand how stakeholders see your performance on key ERO criteria

  • What do we do particularly well to support student learning?

  • What challenges do we face in supporting children’s learning and wellbeing?

  • Specific feedback from priority groups – a key mandated ERO requirement

Service Delivery

Track performance across the important aspects of you school’s service delivery

  • Quality of teaching

  • Learning approach & philosophy

  • Administration & enrolment process

  • Communication

  • Culture


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