Keep ahead of the curve and take your product further

Understand the vibe of your users and stakeholders to enable product enhancements, guide your product vision and ensure your product is meeting your customer’s current & future needs.

Vibe provides real time insight into the experience of your product helping you maintain relevance and keep ahead of the curve.


What you can find out


Product Experience

Gain insights into your current product experience and identify enhancements

  • How do end users experience your product?

  • How many are at risk and why?

  • What are the barriers to usage?

  • Ideas for enhancements


Product Vision

Get guidance from all stakeholder groups to drive your your product roadmap & vision

  • Gain a holistic view on how to build your product from customers, staff & stakeholders

  • Gauge any gaps between end users and staff

  • Identify future aspirations to help your product vision

Product Delivery

Track and benchmark performance across a range of product features

  • Ease of use

  • Product features

  • Support

  • Communication

  • Value for money


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