The way that Vibe works is that we do everything for you.

The process is so simple!

1. Tell us what you want to know

Tell us what you want to know by selecting one of our solutions based on common business challenges.

One of our team will be in contact to say hi and explain the process.

2. We build the survey

We will build you a short, smart looking survey with your branding and background image that your customers will enjoy.  We will send this to you to approve before we go live with your customers.

3. Decide on how best to ask

We will work with you on deciding the best approach to get your customers feedback, either email them directly on your behalf or serve the feedback link using one of your channels (email campaigns, social media etc).

4. Survey goes live!

Once the survey goes live, we will send you a url link to a live report so that you can see your customers feedback and ideas as they come in.

5. We send you final results

Once we have enough responses, we will close the survey, analyse the results & send you a summary of findings, excel spreadsheets of your customers’ comments and our recommendations based off your customers’ vibe. Easy as!