Because the right culture leads to strong engagement & loyalty

Understand the vibe of your employees to improve employee sentiment and engagement.

Vibe provides real time insight into team engagement and culture helping you retain and attract high performing employees.


What you can find out


Employee Engagement

Gain insights to drive employee engagement

  • How engaged are our employees and why they feel that way?

  • What activity can we do to increase engagement?

  • How does engagement differ by team/ employee group and how to drive engagement for each?

Activity to Improve Culture

Identify areas to focus on to improve culture

  • What do we need to address?

  • What do we do well?

  • What activity can we do to improve culture?

Performance Indicators

Track performance across key employment criteria

  • Health & Safety

  • Equity, Diverity & Inclusion

  • Professional/ Career Development

  • Communication & Change Mangement

  • Leadership and Strategic Direction


How we test the vibe


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