East Coast Bays Football Club (ECBAFC) has a proud 60-year history. Established in 1959, the club aims to create a football community where everyone feels welcome and be a club that delivers an effective programme that caters to members’ needs. To help shape the ECBAFC Strategic Plan the Board wanted to undestand the vibe of their members and find out what they could do to increase engagement.



The club engaged independent research consultant Vibe to undertake a Club VIBE study to find out:

  • how loyal their club members were

  • perceived strengths and weaknesses of the club

  • how it could increase member engagement and loyalty

  • performance on key club attributes

  • suggested improvements from different community groups (e.g. players, parents, coaches, volunteers)

ECBAFC Vice-President Russell Fisher says the Board wanted to gauge feedback from members but were unsure where to begin.

We felt it was important to use an independent party so that our members were more likely to be honest in their response. We also found the process incredibly easy. Vibe took care of everything and the feedback was instant. Vibe’s experts had a solution that we could trust to extract the key information to engage our members.
— Russell Fisher Vice-President, East Coast Bays AFC


Russell says VIBE’s findings and recommendations enabled the Board to refocus the club’s direction and prioritise what was important in its Strategic Plan. The club also implemented some quick wins which brought immediate benefits.

“Getting the Vibe of our members provided us with some surprising results. Because of the quick turnaround, we were able to make changes that were immediately visible to our members.

We launched a club Facebook page and introduced a regular email newsletter to keep our club members up to date. We’ve had fantastic response from members on both of these initiatives. We also had some excellent feedback that has helped us shape our Strategic Plan.”



One year on, Russell says he’s pleased with the progress the club has made. He’s looking forward to the next Club VIBE to see how initiatives have improved member ratings and to find out what needs prioritising for the next season.

“We have already used VIBE to get feedback on our skills centre and development programmes and in the future we will be checking our Club VIBE in the middle and at the end of every season. VIBE is so easy and we get so much value out of it. It’s a no brainer.

The recommendations that we received provided us with clear direction and we have significantly improved our connection with club members. The vibe at the club has certainly improved. I’m confident that we’re heading in the right direction and I’m excited about the coming year already.”