Because knowing your customer’s vibe will help you run your business

Understand the vibe of customers to reduce pain points and leverage your competitive strengths.

Vibe provides real time insight into your customers’ experience and ideas, helping you improve loyalty and attract new customers.


What you can find out


Customer Loyalty

Gain insights to improve customer experience & drive loyalty

  • How loyal are our customers and why they feel that way?

  • How do we compare to others?

  • What can we do to increase loyalty?

  • How does loyalty differ by customer group and how to drive loyalty for each?

Customer Acquisition

Understand your business strengths to leverage and attract new customers

  • What do we do that drives our most loyal customers?

  • What do we do particularly well?

Service Delivery

Track performance across the important aspects of your service delivery

  • Customer Service

  • Channel Experience

  • Value for Money

  • Communication

  • Brand


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