Because the right culture leads to strong engagement

Understand the vibe of your members to help engage your community and drive your club’s strategic direction.

Vibe provides a proven solution that helps New Zealand clubs improve their culture, member engagement and loyalty.


What you can find out


Membership Loyalty

Gain insights to improve member engagement & loyalty

  • How loyal is our membership base compared to other clubs?

  • What activity can we do to drive engagement and loyalty?

  • What are our club strengths that we can promote and gain new members?

  • What do we need to fix?

Community Engagement

Connect and align your strategic planning with your local community

  • Are we meeting the needs of our local community?

  • What does our community want us to focus on for the next few years?

Club Experience

Track performance across the important aspects of your member experience

  • Communications

  • Culture

  • Facilities

  • Value for money


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