Engage your community & increase club loyalty

Understand the vibe of your members to help engage your local community and lead your overall strategic plan.

Vibe provides an easy, fast and proven solution that helps New Zealand clubs improve their culture, member engagement and club loyalty.


What you can find out


Member Loyalty

Gain insights to improve member engagement & loyalty

  • How loyal are our members compared to other clubs?

  • What activity can we do to increase culture and engagement?

  • What are our club strengths that we can promote and attract new members?

  • What are our pain points that we need to address?

Community Engagement

Connect and align your strategic planning with your local community

  • What improvements are our different community groups asking for? (e.g. players, parents, coaches, volunteers)

  • What does our community want us to focus on for the next few years?

Club Experience

Track performance on key club attributes

  • Communications

  • Culture

  • Facilities

  • Value for money

The recommendations that we received provided us with clear direction and we have significantly improved our connection with club members. The vibe at the club has certainly improved.
— Russell Fisher Vice-President, East Coast Bays AFC

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