Engage your community & increase club loyalty

Understand the vibe of your members & local community to lead your overall strategic plan.

Vibe provides an easy, fast & specifically designed solution that helps New Zealand clubs improve their member engagement, culture & club loyalty.


What you can find out


Member Loyalty

Gain insights to improve member engagement & loyalty

  • How loyal are our members compared to other clubs?

  • What activity can we do to increase culture and engagement?

  • What are our club strengths that we can promote and attract new members?

  • What are our pain points that we need to address?

Community Engagement

Align your strategic planning with your entire community

  • What areas do your key stakeholders want you you to improve?

    • players

    • parents/ caregivers

    • coaches/ managers/ convenors/ staff

    • volunteers

    • sponsors

    • board members

Club Experience

Track performance on key club attributes

  • Communications

  • Culture

  • Facilities

  • Value for money

  • Coaching/ Instructors

The recommendations that we received provided us with clear direction and we have significantly improved our connection with club members. The vibe at the club has certainly improved.
— Russell Fisher Vice-President, East Coast Bays AFC

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